Thursday, 15 November 2007


So H5N1 is back in the UK. That’s bird flu to the non-scientific. Turkeys are again being culled in East Anglia as vets attempt to get the virus under control; and that’s the Christmas turkey up in price, despite the fact that enough will be imported from abroad.
And again the warnings are coming, warning about the dangers of wild birds flying here from eastern Europe. But what can we do? The European Union borders are open and we cannot expel them.

Sorry to be satirical, but really.

The last epidemic was put down to wild birds and, as I said at the time, it wasn’t. It was caused by the transportation of dead birds from an infected area.
This is the sign of the real problem, which will eventually bring bird flu en masse and cause a worldwide pandemic. Put simply, our borders are too open, and too many people are flying from here to there.
Of course, there’s nothing we can do about it. We have the freedom to travel, and quite right, too. But I wish the authorities would be honest, and make it clear that, when it comes, we will have brought it upon ourselves.

© Anthony North, November 2007

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Anonymous said...

When and if it comes, all we is to blame ourselves. Right on point. The problem with government officials is, there are too damn many of them. I believe all governments, should have a judicial body, completely separate and autonomous from the other branches, charged with the stewardship of "carrying a big-stick", empowered with the authority to hold the elected severely accountable for misdeeds, mismanagement, misappropriation, and misleading and lying to their constituents. If we start putting some of the self-serving pieces of horse dung in the pokey, maybe the rest will get with the program and start doing what the hell they were elected or appointed to do in the first-place. And that is, govern according to the will of the people; not what in the hell is in the best interest of the officials personal interest and pocketbook.

Can you tell I'm a tad irritated with our government.


anthonynorth said...

Hi hawk,
I tend to agree with you. A separate judiciary is vital to the philosophies that led to democracy in the first place, covered by the idea of 'separation of powers'. This can never happen as long as the executive picks who is going to be in it.
My own view is that the problem lies in party politics. This is what makes it self-serving. If we could only get lots and lots of independents in a parliament, they would substantially ease the problem.
I try to sort this out in the UK here, if you're interested:

Many thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

We have three branches on the federal level in the US. However, the legislative is typically exempt from any and all laws which the enact (short of criminal violations), that become law for others to follow.

Are judiciary doesn't hold our elected officials to higher standard. We need a separate judiciary, no party affiliations, that can put these SOB's in jail.

More on this later. Glad to see you didn't delete my comment because of my potty fingers! LOL