Thursday, 8 November 2007


So, life as normal has been suspended again in Pakistan. Riots are being put down, opposition politicians have decided it just isn’t cricket, and Mrs Bhutto is back on the political scene.
Worldwide, democratic nations are condemning the President, but I suspect the condemnations are hollow. And they are hollow for a very simple reason.
Pakistan is vital as a base for operations in Afghanistan. The north west border is a lawless hotbed, continuing to hide Al Qaeda and Taliban. And fundamentalist Islamic pressure in Pakistan is causing this problem in the first place. And are we really stupid enough to think the west would allow them to take over a country with nuclear weapons?

© Anthony North, November 2007

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Anonymous said...

People just don't get it do they. The problem is they just don't know that they don't know! Sad, so sad!


anthonynorth said...

Hi hawk,
A problem of political apathy, I think - something that I'm sure modern political parties try to foster.