Thursday, 27 December 2007


Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism. It appears this is a typical move by this self-publicising politician. Why do I say this? Because Catholicism has just become the leading Christian Church in Britain.
This would come as a shock to Henry VIII, who created the Church of England, and therefore the Anglican movement. But the fact is, according to the Sunday Telegraph, 862,000 attended Mass this week last year, compared to 10,000 less Anglicans.

I am not a practicing Christian.

But I was brought up in the tradition of the Church of England. As such, I find it sad that my traditional Church has descended to such a terrible low. But why did this occur?
The obvious answer is that it has suffered a clash of confidence, brow-beaten into submission by political correctness. A ‘soft’ faith, this may seem good in a liberal society, but it is wrong. Whether we agree or not, it is good to be told you’re a sinner.

Another major problem is that Anglicanism is now many Churches.

With 70 million worldwide, a Church of England leader in the Archbishop of Canterbury is failing to balance the two mitres he is forced to wear.
My answer? I think it is time to pass leadership of the Church of England to the other archbishop, of York. This would allow an archbishop to concentrate solely on England, and another to concentrate on a blossoming Anglican Church worldwide.
Time for radical action, Anglicans. I know you’re not used to it, but get your act together.

© Anthony North, December 2007

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