Thursday, 27 December 2007


Christmas Day TV in the UK was typical, with films most of the day and mostly SOAPs in the early evening. Indeed, if not for the incredible Doctor Who, most people would have had three hours of SOAPs to contend with.
As it was, BBC1 captured the viewing figures by sandwiching Doctor Who with Eastenders. But the reality is, over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the only brilliant, new drama was Doctor Who and The Old Curiosity Shop.
What has happened to terrestrial TV when during the main period of TV entertainment, each of the major channels could only provide one drama each of such quality? I suspect it is the tyranny of the viewing figures, and SOAPs.
Don’t get me wrong. I like our main SOAPs, but not at the expense of quality drama elsewhere. Perhaps we should have a campaign to ban SOAPs at Christmas.

© Anthony North, December 2007

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romi_moondi said...

We get "Dr. Who" in Canada, as well as "East Enders" (no thanks), and "Coronation Street" (no thanks, but in a "haha" way)...I actually think there is a certain % of English programming that the Canadian Broadasting Corporation has to air, as an obligation to the Queen or something (lol)...I think that's fine, because Canadian-produced television shows are wretched (no offense to my countrymen ;-) )'s certainly not that Canadians aren't talented, but it's just that most of the talent (whether actors, writers or directors) winds up in you find that problem as well?

anthonynorth said...

Hi Romi,
Certainly many Brit actors go to Hollywood. Some make it, most don't. But in the main we have strong traditions among actors towards television or stage.
I think this goes a long way in protecting us from the 'Hollywood effect'.