Thursday, 6 December 2007


Well there you have it. Forget Osama. Britain is being terrorized by a whole generation of selfish, and dangerous, people who just refuse to obey the rules when it comes to their wheelie bins. And I’m not talking a load of rubbish.
On-the-spot fines for incorrectly using your wheelie bin in some UK local authorities have been around for some time now, at £100 a go. But offenders went up a third last year to 44,000. Good grief, so many people putting rubbish bags next to the bins – and even putting them out on the wrong day!
Us Brit families are so terrible, aren’t we? Terrorising poor council officials and refuse collectors like this.
If only it was a joke. But no folks, Britland bureaucracy IS getting that petty.

© Anthony North, December 2007

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romi_moondi said...

ohhh the humanity, hahaha ;-)