Monday, 14 January 2008


There is a transplant crisis. Not enough people are carrying donor cards. Hence, our ‘esteemed leader’ Gordon Brown has unveiled plans, finally, for doctors to remove organs without consent. If you disagree, it is up to you to opt out.
It seems a good idea – on the surface. But there are severe problems regarding individuality and freedom. Yes, more people should carry donor cards if they have no objection. But to legislate on such a thing?

I feel for people who have a loved one who needs a donor organ.

I cannot imagine the emotion involved. But the reality is, this is emotion – a personal thing. And such things should never enter politics.
Similarly, in a free country the rights of the individual come above the duties to the State. This is what freedom is all about. But in reversing the donor card problem to put an onus on the individual to opt out, Brown is going against the ethic of freedom.
That a politician can so easily go against the core value of his office, and do so by using emotional blackmail, is a disgrace. And he proves that he is not a fit man to lead a democracy.
But then again, he hasn’t been voted for anyway, has he?

© Anthony North, January 2008


Politics is essential, and representative democracy is the best form of politics we have yet devised. But if there is one thing wrong with this, it is the party political system. It permits ideology and the idea of power above service. Is it time we realised this and abolished political parties? I would argue there is a better way. See if you agree and join the campaign ...
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Mrs Smallprint said...

Brown is even more wrong than usual on this one. It made me furious when I heard it yesterday morning.

anthonynorth said...

Agree completely. The totally wrong man to be PM. I always considered him the totally wrong man to be Chancellor. He understands what he thinks, and nothing more.

TiamatsVision said...

This is truly absurd. What about those whose religious beliefs are against this? And those that may have a terminal disease that doesn't show up for 20 years? Opt out?! I suppose DNA tests could be done at a huge expense. But this is clearly an infringement on people's liberty. I must say that the most interesting and appalling things I've read recently, have been coming out of the UK. What's going on over there?

anthonynorth said...

Hi TiamatsVision,
The UK is in the middle of a crisis of confidence. Brow-beaten into submission by rampant political correctness, we're ruled - and I mean ruled, as in dictated to - by a government which hates everything the UK stands for.
Traditions and institutions that have existed for centuries have been dismantled, and people just don't know who the hell they are any more.
Unless something is done, and soon, you're witnessing the death of a Nation State.