Friday, 4 January 2008


Britain is about to overtake Holland and Belgium as the most crowded country in Europe. According to the Office for National Statistics there are now about 620 people per square mile.
Much of the increase is down to immigration, and the situation is made worse by people crowding into the south east of England. It is an irony of life that the supposed most ‘affluent’ area is fast becoming a ghetto.

Of primary concern is, of course, services.

Schools, hospitals, water and power are all being stretched to their limits, and it is maybe not long before the system begins to crack under the strain.
This will happen because present infra-structures are too large and centralized to properly adapt to a changing situation. The answer to such a problem is to de-centralise and allow new technologies to thrive.

The first problem is down to a dictatorial government.

The second is down to a big business ethic of profit, and making sure that any new form of company doesn’t stand a chance.
New tech options would offer new ideas in home self-sufficiency, transport and power. All are on the drawing board, devised by new, small companies eager to get going, and not given a chance by big business. They ARE the new capitalism, and WILL kick out big business, which isn’t.
Maybe, when the new affluent middleclass in the south east begin to really feel the pinch of this decrepit infra-structure, things might change. After all, London only got sewage systems when the Thames stank so bad the affluent were sick of it.

© Anthony North, January 2008

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Alvin Lim said...

the 1 thing that people will notice when they come to london... there are not many pure londoners in london. mostly indians, pakistanis, chinese, koreans, japanese, spanish, etc etc.

in my office in london, my entire team...only 10% of my teammates can be considered genuine english people. the rest do have PR...but they're not born in UK.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Alvin,
To a certain extent London has always had a good ethnic mix. I lived in London a while in the early 1970s - worked in Oxford Street - and it was beginning then.
People can live together if moderation is used - and the infra-structure is up to it. And in general, I've noticed they do.