Friday, 11 January 2008


The recent tragic death of ten month old Rhianna Hardie could have been avoided. Scolded to death when a hot water tank burst and showered her whilst in bed, the authorities knew of the basic problem with this kind of system.
But nothing had been done. Why? Why is nothing really done concerning so many out-dated and dangerous systems in the UK? Why are there thousands of council houses with this system? Why haven’t they been replaced?

There will be a furore about this tragic death, and then it will be forgotten.

It will be forgotten because that’s the way it must be in Britain. It is the way with the entire infra-structure. And it is this way because we are all the victims of a con.
From the national grid to water treatment plants, from power stations to council house hot water systems, services that were once in public ownership have been sold off cheap. Whether they ever should have been in public ownership is irrelevant to what is happening now.

Sold off so cheap, private enterprise never had the money to improve things.

Profits have been given to shareholders, and those profits reduced to con the public that private could provide cheap services, from cheap electricity to council house repairs.
As hot water tanks burst, and fuel prices rocket, we now know the lie, as the British infra-structure begins to die. It is time for a radical re-think of the way services are handled in the UK. Because if things go on as they are, the confidence trick we swallowed will break us.

© Anthony North, January 2008


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