Wednesday, 2 January 2008


A new NHS constitution will soon be with us in the UK, giving us clear rights we have to health care. However, our ‘esteemed leader’, Brown, has worryingly indicated that this will mean ‘duties’ on us to look after ourselves.
The implication is that treatment can be withheld if your lifestyle is not acceptable. Hence, if you smoke or eat or drink too much, you can forget it. Give up or die. Simple as that.
Who the hell do this government and health officials think they are? Certainly they no longer consider themselves servants of the people. Rather, they are a new breed of petty dictators who think their standards are right and everyone else should follow.
Well, they’re wrong. If someone wants to do something deemed unhealthy through their own free will, then it is their choice. It is NOT a doctor’s choice to play God by deciding who is worthy. They should do their job and keep out of other people’s morals.

© Anthony North, January 2008

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