Tuesday, 29 January 2008


General Practitioners are fed up with the prospect of working longer hours. Threatening to leave the NHS, some want to charge £25 for a UK patient to see the doctor. This, whilst they are the best paid in Europe.
Normally I’d turn this into an immediate attack on the government, and the way they are going back on their contracts with the people and public services. But whilst this may be true, there is another factor here.
When I was younger I could see a doctor at a surgery almost immediately. If someone was ill, home visits were the norm. Yes, doctors worked hard, but so do many professions. So why are today’s GPs moaning so much?
I guess the operative word is vocation. I remember GPs as centres of communities, respected and dedicated to the patients on their list. Today, as in most professions, I see doctors on a career plan. It says it all.

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You’ve all heard about the research. It can come in many forms. Beefburgers can make you fat. That’s a classic. As if we didn’t know already. But to science, we don’t. If it isn’t proved, it may not be right ...
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Anonymous said...

SICKO coming soon to a NHS near you?

Magdalen Islands said...

I couldn't agree with you more about doctors. It comes down to the bottom dollar.

Thanks for the visit to the Gimme A Dream site. Your comment is much appreciated.

anthonynorth said...

Hi magdalen islands,
You're welcome.