Saturday, 26 January 2008


David Cameron has angered people by deciding to send one of his children to a Church of England school rather than the nearest schools. Yet there is a degree of hypocrisy in this anger.
Whilst not a practicing Christian myself, my wife is, and in one place we lived we had the opportunity to send our children to such a school. The degree of education, both curricula and in terms of life education was second to none. And this is why so many parents will lie and cheat to get their children into such schools.
Which brings me to the hypocrisy. Most parents today are not religious, and live a total material life based on liberalism. But tell me this: if their lifestyle is so good, why do they feel the need to send their children to an education system enshrined in the opposite to their beliefs?

© Anthony North, January 2008

From my Diary - THE ROOT OF DESIRE

We can do it with passion. It can take over our entire mind, dictate our every action. Whether the subject is the person you love or a hamburger, it is immaterial. When you want something so much, you are the plaything of your desires ...
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Steve said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to agree.
The only real singer for Deep Purple is Ian Gillian.

I would pick IG over Plant everytime.
Did you ever catch Pavarotti and Deep Purple?
IG sang Norma Desa or whatever it was.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Steve,
No, I missed that, unfortunately. Most people forget the influence on the band of the keyboardist. I forget his name at the moment. Lord, wasn't it?
Which rather proves the point, I think.