Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Okay folks, the announcement is coming. Britain is to build more nuclear reactors. And guess what? We’re all going to pay for it – and I don’t mean we’ll all be glowing. Infact, we’ll be quite angry as fuel bills go up even more.
This has to happen, because no business can afford the capital expenditure of these hugely expensive systems. But tell me, what happened to the modern ethic that business pays for itself?

Well, if these reactors were simply business, they would do.

But they’re nothing to do with normal business at all. At least, not in any normal capitalist sort of way. Rather, they are here to guarantee that big business continues.
For some time now, big business has been jumping onto the global warming bandwagon. This has nothing to do with the existence, or not, of global warming, but with guaranteeing their survival for the future.

Big business requires big ‘systems’ to survive.

But the clamour for eco-friendly alternative power systems has been eating away at their validity, offering a vision of a world with smaller, more local systems run by smaller businesses.
This would be the death of the great industrialist empire-builders. Hence, another low polluting, big system option had to be put forward. And this is the nuclear option.
So there it is, people. It has nothing to do with the environment, and nothing to do with profit. It is to do with the survival of big business. And you are the serfs who will pay for it. Which is always the way.

© Anthony North, January 2008

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