Friday, 25 January 2008


The incorrectly named News at Ten led yesterday with a report of massive police raids around London on Romanian gangs who have been bringing in children as young as 4 to work as beggars and pickpockets.
Many children have been rescued, prompting fears of Dickensian style Fagins controlling children in ways thought not to have been seen since Victorian times. Indeed, News at Ten asked how this was possible in the 21st century?
To which I’d ask, why not? It is the arrogance of every era to think that they are the ultimate in social evolution. And it seems to me it is the arrogance of each era for thinking this that guarantees they will be not much better than the previous.

© Anthony North, January 2008

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

While I think you're right about the arrogance of our age, I also think it's how it's supposed to be. If we weren't arrogant, what would we be instead?

The alternative is almost as scary as the idea of a modern-day Fagin. Which actually isn't that scary. Just sad.

anthonynorth said...

A valid point. I'm a big believer that it is frustration that drives us on to change - the very powerhouse of social evolution. So if things were just right, we'd risk not evolving at all.
I just wish we'd accept that. It may be the route to calm our excesses a little, rather than think we're more perfect than the last model.