Tuesday, 15 January 2008


A kiss on the cheek is, apparently, far more hygienic than shaking hands. So, forget the stiff British handshake and embrace the continental puckered lips instead. Or then again, maybe not.
Why do I get the impression that this is just another way of trying to rid the UK of a tried and trusted custom? It stinks, to me, more of national hatred than any true health issue. After all, shouldn’t we be ashamed to act like British?
Well, no, actually. The idea is that the hands have more germs on them than the lips. But British reserve does tend to make us not put our hands where many others do. And tell me this: once a non-Brit has put his hands where he shouldn’t, what does he usually do with his fingers?
No, give me the handshake any day.

© Anthony North, January 2008


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