Monday, 7 January 2008


Sometimes you just have to be ashamed of your country. I’m increasingly feeling this way about Britain. The latest disgrace is the announcement by Crown prosecutors that they are dropping tens of thousands of criminal cases a year.
This is despite having easily enough evidence to prosecute. Last year alone they dropped 25,000 proceedings against thugs, vandals and shoplifters. And why do they do this, you may ask?

Because it is not in the ‘public interest’ to continue.

Now, this is a damned right lie. They drop proceedings because the system, including prisons, is straining at the seams through incompetence and red tape.
To claim ‘public interest’ is a disgrace, because this is the last thing it is. Rather, it is always in the public interest to prosecute, because this is the only message you can give to criminals – you will be caught, and you will be prosecuted.

To not prosecute is against the public interest.

And the simple fact that so many in our law and order system cannot see this revolts and frightens me. It tells me that our ‘authorities’ have only contempt for the law.
And also for the British people. And in this, I don’t really blame them. The authorities who run this country are our servants, but we seem to have forgotten that. When will the British public wake up and demand our ‘servants’ do what is right?

© Anthony North, January 2008


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