Wednesday, 16 January 2008


So President Bush is dancing in Saudi Arabia. Looked more like Daddy Dancing to me, though. But the real dance is no doubt going on in his mind. How do you beg the most important oil producer to lower prices, whilst threatening Iran, thus fuelling those rises?
Maybe he thinks a square really will fit into the circle. But the fact remains, we have to fit the square into the circle to make any hope of a peaceful Middle East AND low oil prices happen. Unless, of course, we’re prepared to think out of the square.
I don’t expect Bush, or any other western leader to think in this way. But the reality is, the only hope of peace and low fuel costs is to stop demanding the oil that makes the world go to war. And for that reason alone, we need to grasp the Green agenda, and ratchet up the alternatives.
If nothing else, it will give the Middle East a big shock. The possibility of pauperdom does that.

© Anthony North, January 2008


Politics is essential, and representative democracy is the best form of politics we have yet devised. But if there is one thing wrong with this, it is the party political system. It permits ideology and the idea of power above service. Is it time we realised this and abolished political parties? I would argue there is a better way. See if you agree and join the campaign ...
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