Wednesday, 9 January 2008


David Cameron thinks he is going to sort out the UK benefits system. Well, no, he doesn’t really. He’s simply saying so because he wants to better our ‘esteemed leader’ by being more ‘tough’.
The reality is in the wording. Out of over 3 million on benefits, he hopes to return just 200,000 to work. Which is about right – although it could be significantly more. But not until commonsense enters the discussion rather than party politics.

Why are there so many on benefits?

Reasons are many. First of all, successive governments purposely placed people on Incapacity to massage the unemployment figures. Then there is the left-overs from an industrial country successive governments destroyed.
Get the drift? Yes, there are some scroungers on benefits, but the vast majority – the truly ill accepted, which is most of them – have been indoctrinated into a benefits culture by politicians. And it is total hypocrisy to criticize a system they created in the first place.

So what CAN be done about the benefits culture?

Well, many want to work, but the system is actually geared against them doing so. So you begin with a website where claimants can voluntarily put their location and abilities, alongside people who want jobs doing. And as they voluntarily decide to do this or that, they are paid straight into an agency, and the money goes towards paying the benefit.
From home workers, to odd jobers, to carers for elderly neighbours, to charity work, within a few years there’d be far more than 200,000 benefits not paid for by the tax payer. Claimants will get their self-respect back, and vital jobs will be being done within every community. And it will have hardly cost a penny.

© Anthony North, January 2008


Politics is essential, and representative democracy is the best form of politics we have yet devised. But if there is one thing wrong with this, it is the party political system. It permits ideology and the idea of power above service. Is it time we realised this and abolished political parties? I would argue there is a better way. See if you agree and join the campaign ...
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TiamatsVision said...

Tony- There's a group that was just started in the US that has similar ideas to yours about about political parties. It's called the Open Source Party, and some of the ideas behind it are rather good. Check it out when you get a chance.

anthonynorth said...

Hi TiamatsVision,
That link was interesting. I'm going to keep an eye on that.
Many thanks.