Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Following Barack Obama’s win in Iowa the media around the world went prematurely mad, and I thought let’s wait and see. It isn’t that I think America is not ready for a black President. Rather, I’m not sure the Democrats think it is.
Hence, I was sure Hillary Clinton could not be finished yet. And now, following New Hampshire, we know she isn’t. And as the race begins for Super Tuesday on 5 February, the whole show is wide open.

It is the same with the Republicans.

There seemed no one here of any consequence whatsoever. After all, surely McCain wouldn’t stand a chance now? Well, he does, it seems – or maybe not.
An air of desperation seemed to cling to the Republicans at the moment – at least, that’s how it looks to me in Britain. It is as if they’ve been brow-beaten to such an extent that the one thing I’m certain of is a Democratic victory in the November elections.

So who is it who will take them to victory?

Well, I can see Obama and Clinton racing neck and neck to the finishing line. As to which wins, the only thing we can say is, they will make history.
But then we must ask if either is up to the job. America faces a desperate challenge as it tries to recover from its recent mistakes and gain respect from the world once more. With Obama, I remember we should never trust a politician who is a ‘nice guy’. As for Clinton – well, it could be hypocrisy all the way.

© Anthony North, January 2008

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Twilight said...

November is so far ahead, so many unexpected events could change the political scene completely - overnight. Only something truly dramatic or catastrophic might send the majority back to the un-tender arms of Republicans - or so I suspect.

My own favourite Democratic candidates have fallen by the wayside already, due in part to the mainstream media ignorning them, in favour of the two THEY want us to concentrate on, because they offer the biggest story-lines, and the least affront to big corporations who fund most of the media.

It would be a much wider-open race, AN, if the media had been fair and even-handed to all candidates from the start.

As long as a Democrat wins in November, we'll be pointing in the right direction, at least. Any other result is, for me, if I'm to stay here, unthinkable.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Twilight,
Alas, the media is always a primary element of politics these days. And this is so because the big corporations control politicians through a global economy as they control the media.
I'm convinced we actually live in a one-ideology west. And I'm not saying this as an anti-capitalist. Rather, I AM a capitalist. I just don't think a world overseen by mega-corporations is what capitalism was supposed to be about.