Friday, 29 February 2008


So Prince Harry is to be immediately withdrawn from Afghanistan after disclose that he’s been there for the last ten weeks. Last year I said that it was wrong for him to go to Iraq, because he would be a danger to other soldiers.
Well, this has been a clever compromise, and he was right to go in these conditions. And, yes, it is right for him to come back now. He was nicknamed Bullet Magnet, and for a very good reason.
But I am sickened by the closet-Republicans, and their disdain that the media had been involved in a cover-up. What else are the papers hiding, they scream? It’s a disgrace, they grumble. Oh, do me a favour!
Yes, in general terms it is wrong for the media to co-operate in this way. But in terms of saving lives, providing it is not a political point being covered up, there nothing wrong with it. Would these complainers disagree with media blackouts during kidnaps?
At times, it is necessary, and not against our freedoms.

© Anthony North, February 2008


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