Saturday, 2 February 2008


Poland has agreed ‘in principle’ to allow the US to install their missile defence system. In return Poland will get help in bolstering their air defences. The missiles are needed, it is claimed, to protect against possible attack from Iran or North Korea.
Really? If true, I can think of many better places to locate them – like further south, so they’re actually close to the flight paths should such a threat ever exist.

The problem with the whole idea is Russia.

This is because the missiles could easily be seen – and are being seen – as a threat to their plans. And I don’t think it is sensible to proceed bearing this point in mind.
People rarely understand the Russian mentality. A vast country with no natural barriers to invasion, Russia has had always had a deep paranoia concerning any act that could be seen as aggressive.

All too often this had led people to believe it is Russia being aggressive instead.

And this is certainly true. But practically every confrontation with Russia has been due to this mis-understanding.
Russia must always be treated with suspicion – yes. But also it must be countered with kid gloves. It is not a country to be placed in a corner. It may decide it wants its ‘buffer’ zone back. And if that happens, Al Qaeda will be seen as the blip it really is.

© Anthony North, February 2008

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Just Jen said...

You hit that right! This is very true. You should send this in to an editorial page.
As for the foul part, that is foul! ;)

anthonynorth said...

Hi Just Jen,
Thanks for the comment. Although I don't think the newspapers are interested in such a view at the moment.
I don't ignore the threat from Al Qaeda, but in the scheme of things, there are greater, more longer term, problems we ignore at our peril.