Tuesday, 26 February 2008


NuLabour says it is committed to renewable energy sources in the UK, and as such has signed up to EU targets. However, this lies uncomfortably with the fact that many countries are way ahead of the UK.
Part of the answer can be climate. For instance it is easier in countries where the sun always shines. But I’m not convinced that the government is as committed as it appears. After all, few governments are as much in the pocket of Big Biz as Britain’s. And Big Biz simply says it’s eco-friendly, whilst ditching most sensible processes to achieve it.
This is because real alternative energy would not require the big organizations that Big Biz provides. And if that organization was non-required, people would move away from Big Biz like a shot.
So I don’t believe NuLabour’s claims. For instance, I remember them congratulating themselves a few years ago for meeting an early carbon emissions cut - whilst failing to point out it was because Maggie Thatcher had done away with the high-carbon coal industry.

© Anthony North, February 2008

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