Wednesday, 6 February 2008


So, it is no longer Super Tuesday. Rather, it is Indecisive Tuesday. The race for the White House is, for once, a race. Infact, the only predictable thing about it all is that I got it absolutely right last week.
Whilst Obama takes many small states, Clinton takes California, making it, still, a two-horse race. The Democrats are split right down the middle, certain of only one thing – they don’t want a white male. Which could lose them votes through indecision.
Everyone thought they could just wipe out the Republicans this time round – a sentiment I hoped would be true. But McCain is steaming ahead, no longer making the actual Presidential Election a Democrat affair.
McCain is a Liberal, and it was obvious that the Republicans would eventually look at what is happening to the Conservatives in the UK. Finally getting it together by subduing Right Wing tendencies and going for a ‘nicer’ choice, don’t write them off yet.
Just look at the UK’s cuddly David.

© Anthony North, February 2008


Politics is essential, and representative democracy is the best form of politics we have yet devised. But if there is one thing wrong with this, it is the party political system. It permits ideology and the idea of power above service. Is it time we realised this and abolished political parties? I would argue there is a better way. See if you agree and join the campaign ...
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Twilight said...

I'm somewhat relieved that it wasn't the rout by the Obama campaign that the US media were predicting and trumpeting for the last few days. I'd started getting unfortunate visions of Nicholae Carpathian (remember him from the "Left Behind" films ?) I'll say no more - it's silly, I know, but it kept bugging me.
I dare not mention this elsewhere!

Thank goodness, it's still all to be won or lost, and though the young are rushing in droves to support Obama, most of the 60+ populations and the Hispanics feel as I do - that it's too soon for a Messiah who hasn't paid his dues, and as long as there's a very viable and competent alternative in Ms Clinton, he should wait and polish up his miracles for 4 more years. :-)

Re John McCain - he may be liberal in some respects, but his war policy is not to be recommended, AN. I'd dread 4 years with him as president, with things as they are in the ME and elsewhere. Also, he'd never be accepted in the Bible Belt southern states, where Mike Huckabee prevailed last night. He might take Mike Huckabee as vice president I suppose, but heck - Huckabee doesn't believe in evolution and thinks the Constitution should be changed to follow Bible laws.

It's a mad, mad world here in the US of A.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Twilight,
I share your concern about McCain - it's time for a Democrat. But I can't get it out of my head that they're learning from the Tory experience here in the UK. Swallow your ideologies and go for the Nice Guy. That doesn't mean he can't be manipulated once in office.
My choice is Clinton - not that I particularly like her, but she'll do what's popular, which is the opposite of everything Bush has done.
As for Obama, every time I see him 'perform', I keep seeing that vile manipulator, Tony Blair.