Monday, 25 February 2008


The latest series of Primeval finished last Saturday, and it was excellent. I do enjoy a bit of popular entertainment and drama, if it is done well. Which brings me to ITV. Apart from Coronation Street and The Bill, it is, basically, rubbish.
Once upon a time they had excellent Whodunits, but even these are beginning to fail these days. Which is why Primeval was such a treat. Of course, it did run the danger of becoming boring if they only caught prehistoric animals, but they’ve nailed it.
The end of the series left open the possibilities of cloning, or even alternative universes, so it should be able to reinvent itself admirably. But of course, we’ve got the BBC to thank, really.
Although equally rubbish in most respects, recent years have seen the BBC produce Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spooks and Robin Hood – marvelous popular dramas, one and all. Primeval is in this same tradition. More, please – and cut back on the rubbish.

© Anthony North, February 2008

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