Friday, 1 February 2008


I’m pleased to see a High Court judge standing up to social services for a change. A newborn baby, taken from a teenage mother without a court order, is returned; although the decision is being challenged. So often the SS get away with kidnap.
Yes, I know they try their best, and yes I know there are many abused children, and many mothers who haven’t a clue, but I also know the SS is infected with a superiority above their station and skills.
I particularly dislike the way babies have been removed because the parents have been deemed intellectually inferior to look after them. In all other areas ‘special needs’ are provided with special help. Why not regarding the ‘needs’ required to keep mother with child?
Dare I say hatred of the family unit may come into it?

© Anthony North, February 2008


Politics is essential, and representative democracy is the best form of politics we have yet devised. But if there is one thing wrong with this, it is the party political system. It permits ideology and the idea of power above service. Is it time we realised this and abolished political parties? I would argue there is a better way. See if you agree and join the campaign ...
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