Monday, 18 February 2008


The latest series of Kingdom (ITV1) ended last night. Starring Stephen Fry, it is a gentle, entertaining look at an East Anglian solicitor. Perfect Sunday night viewing, it has some excellent humour.
Hermione Norris and Karl Davis add to the pot, completed by a small dose of insanity via Tony Slattery. Hopefully, there will be another series of this. Mindst you, I have a feeling ITV is trying to destroy the comfort of Sunday night. Don’t.
But there is one point I must raise. This is the absolute fantasy at the heart of the series. Here we have amiable solicitor Fry visiting here, visiting there, saving the world like some uncaped crusader.
Where is this mythical solicitor in real life? I want to know!

© Anthony North, February 2008


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