Friday, 22 February 2008


A secret inquiry of MEPs expenses has found widespread abuse of expenses, including fictitious claims and employing unqualified family members. Now why does this not surprise me?
This kind of corruption is becoming increasingly obvious in British politics, but in European politics it has been rife for decades. Remember the sacking, en masse, of the European Commission not so long ago?
It is a law of politics that the larger, and more remote from the people, an administration becomes, the more it displays contempt for the people it serves – and the more it lines its own pocket and entrenches itself in power.
You can get no more remote than the EU.
Scrap it!

© Anthony North, February 2008

From my Diary - PERSPECTIVES

What does a perspective mean? In art it can mean the way you shape what you’re doing. Yet it can also mean a mental model of how you see the world. It would be interesting to see just how related these two definitions can become ...
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