Friday, 15 February 2008


An independent report has said that New Labour’s New Deal has provided an 11% increase in children gaining A-C in GCSE exams. Well, yippee! Of course, I won’t bother with the fears of dumbing down to get the result.
No, far more important is the new ethic of education in the UK. For instance, these results are moving more towards education as preparation for work, rather than the educational ethic of education for education’s sake.
This is showing itself in the inability of many children nowadays to hold a rounded knowledge. But even more worrying is the simple fact that educators have now been almost conditioned to teach children to pass the exams rather than be roundly educated.
It is the school, and ITS results that count now. Not the kids. It’s disgusting.

© Anthony North, February 2008


Just Jen said...

They just lowered the college pass from 60% to 50% in Canada. That means, a dr can get his doctrate with a 50%!! How scary is that!

anthonynorth said...

Hi Just Jen,
Very scary indeed. Education, at all levels, is failing because there is no 'education for education's sake'. If the ethic is 'what do I need for a job', then there is no incentive, no feeling of wonder about knowledge.
And in the end, no excellence or professionalism. Just a frightening mediocrisy, where no one can actually do their job properly.