Sunday, 24 February 2008



1. I thought of You and it came true,
there's nothing I wouldn't do for You.

2. I thought of you and decided rot,
a believer I most definitely am not!

3. I thought of you and I couldn't decide,
this indecision I cannot abide.

We think of God in many ways,
the diversity that the human displays;
yet thinking one way disgusts the other,
breeding fanatics who attempt to smother,
our inherent links,
to each other;
Oh brother!


Did you see it?
Did I see what?
Did you see just what I've got?
Did you see it?
I think I did.
Was it in the skies amid?
Did you see it?
There's nothing there.
Oh, you really make me despair.
Did you see it?
I think you're mad.
That is so, so very sad.
Did you see it?
It doesn't exist!
Not to you, but it's on my list,
of things I wish just COULD exist.

Did YOU see it?


Fanatics come, fanatics go,
bringing man to a terrible low;
Fanatics rave, fanatics shout,
telling us what it's all about;
Fanatics lie, fanatics cheat,
one day they'll cause a nuclear heat;
Fanatics, they get in your head,
despite the moderate warnings said;
but don't worry,
this time, only ten million dead!


Damn her,
damn her for being,
for existing, entwined in my mind,
for enforcing thoughts that spark into ideas,
of her

Damn her,
damn her for surviving,
for thwarting my every attempt to dislodge her,
for caressing my imagination as I force her
from my psyche

Damn her
damn her for passions,
for placing them in my very being,
for enfusing me with life,
and purpose

Damn her,
for she is my muse,
and I must write,
once more,
about her

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