Tuesday, 5 February 2008


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After offering an analysis of racism in the previous posts in this series, it is time to come to grips with the problem. Why does racism exist?
Societal interaction is known to be primarily concerned with self-security. We are pre-disposed to identify ourselves in terms of a like-minded grouping. In this way we find identity and enforce our validity within society.


Such a phenomenon can alienate ethnic minorities for the simple fact that they appear different to us. In every society there are those who feel the need to lead, becoming the movers of society.
And throughout history such people have used this form of ‘differentness' to disseminate propaganda in order to fuel aggression towards those who are different. In this way, a ‘group’ security is confirmed through aggressive behaviour towards media-created threats to the group.


Such leaders usually rise and disseminate their propaganda at times of social stress within their particular group. In order to divert attention from the cause of the social stress - a problem which is usually to be found within the group itself - self-appointed leaders will subtly transform the ‘differentness' of a minority group towards what is known as the scapegoat factor.
Hitler used this to great effect in the 1930s, blaming Germany's problems on the principally Jewish Weimar Republic. Inciting hatred towards the Jews due to economic problems in Germany and the rest of the western world, Jews became 'scapegoats,' the process eventually leading to the Holocaust.

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