Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I’ve been woken up by a shaking bed for the second time, now, in six years. As I’m nearly 53 and these are the only times in my life I can recall such an event, it would be easy to think it’s getting more common.
I’m talking, of course, of the 5.3 magnitude earthquake in the UK last night, with its epicenter in Lincolnshire. And of course, I’m speaking absolute rot. Infact, my immediate impression is sympathy for those who suffer real earthquakes. It is a luxury of living in Britain that this was a novelty.
Mindst you, it is no coincidence, surely, that both the earthquakes I’ve felt – yesterday, and in 2002 – both happened during NuLabour, who are, themselves, shaking the country to its foundations 
Is there a connection? Well, if they can use such spurious ideas for policies, why can’t I?

© Anthony North, February 2008

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