Sunday, 10 February 2008



Serpent slithers around the tree,
placing evil thoughts in thee;
Serpent gets deep within your mind,
leaving desires for you to find;
Serpent advises what you'll do,
it's hard to fight, this is so true;
Serpent coils to make you play,
wrapping around to make you stray;
It's your double-helix DNA


Cheese I love, it goes just there,
bacon is fine for a breakfast fare;
Butter comes next on which to be fed,
spread all over that lovely bread;
Eggs have their place, stacked up neat,
but I'm not happy, I can't compete;
I'm just a fridge, and cannot eat


Milk white skin, it is no more,
peppered by zits, so full of gore;
Pure of mind, I used to be,
happy to play by climbing a tree;
thoughts invade of a different kind,
not wanting to leave life behind;
hairs do sprout upon my jowl,
all night long I seem to howl;
Hormones are pumping throughout my veins,
Hey! I'm a teenager,with growing pains!

All (c) Anthony North, February 2008

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L the D said...

Hmm. I may have linked to the wrong locale for literary adventures, but I'm glad I found the Fridge Space poem. I like it, and it sounds suspiciously like parts of English breakfasts that I used to enjoy so much. Sure beats cold cereal . . .

anthonynorth said...

Ah, the full English breakfast. How I enjoyed it when I was allowed.
Not 'literary adventures'? You obviously didn't delve far enough into my sites.