Sunday, 17 February 2008



Blubbery aliens, two by two,
they've got their big bug eyes on you;
Their silvery saucer is coming near,
shining a light that will make you peer;
Through your window, as they glide,
through the air to be by your side;
Paralysed with fear, and absolute dread,
a beam of light takes you from your bed;
In their starship, you lie awake,
as experiments on you, they do make;
They poke and prod you, having fun,
you'll fear they'll us their ray gun;
Yet soon it's over, they've had their frill,
they didn't even use an electric drill;
You want them finished, you want to cry,
zoom off back to Alpha Centurai;
be they from space, or in your head,
Don't worry!
You'll always end up back in bed


A poem, a poem, I need one now,
but at this time, the muse takes a bow;
come back, come back, oh muse so good,
without a poem they'll be after my blood;
But no, a poem just won't come out,
my talent I'm now beginning to doubt;
A poem, a poem, I'm ringing the bell,
come back now, I've a tale to tell;
but muse just says, 'go to hell!'
Oh well


I did it last night, but I'm fine,
I travelled right back in time;
You won't believe that it's true,
it's a concept totally new;

I met Hitler and Poe,
and Marilyn Monroe;
I met Caesar and Chaplin,
and it was all happening;

Napoleon, I met him too,
but it wasn't at Waterloo;
Infact, it was quite a do,
all together in time, it's true;

All together? Is that what I mean?
How could they all, at once, be seen?
To mix time like this is obscene;
It was just a dream

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