Sunday, 3 February 2008


Feeling a little under the weather? Is something paining you? Is your body refusing to do as it’s told? Do you have some incredibly dangerous virus or bug? Have you seen your doctor?
Possibly not. Through degradation of services (especially in the UK) or the sheer expense, you are more likely to find a diagnosis on the internet, and then order what medicine or therapy you feel will do the trick.
Quackery, it seems, has gone on-line. However, it has now gone a touch too far. For soon you will be able to buy on-line the latest bio-tech checks for bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.
We used to class such illnesses as ‘madness’. Now the term applies to the diagnosis.

© Anthony North, February 2008

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Just Jen said...

seriously? I had no idea! That is scary!

anthonynorth said...

Hi Just Jen,
It is indeed. Some people will sell anything. Hopefully, in the end, it will not go on sale.

Steve said...

Food for thought!

Robin said...

We used to class such illnesses as ‘madness’. Now the term applies to the diagnosis.

Excellent summary of a system that has in fact gone mad.

anthonynorth said...

Good morning Steve,
It is indeed. Maybe the internet will end up replacing doctors - the new quackery.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for that. The degree of DIY diagnosis is growing rapidly, in all areas of medicine.
Apart from anything else, is it turning us into a society of hypochondriacs?

forgetfulone said...

You are making me THINK! I'm enjoying browsing your blog. Very thoughtful info indeed.

anthonynorth said...

Good morning Forgetfulone,
Thanks for your kind comment. Have you checked out my main site, Beyond the Blog? Access on top of sidebar.
There's much more there.