Monday, 4 February 2008


It has been announced that two sixth-formers from every school in England are to visit Auschwitz, keeping memories of the Holocaust alive, so as we will never go there again. Such a noble gesture, but what should we really think about this?
On the same day the news is announced, we hear more about the secret bugging, by the police, of a conversation involving MP Sadiq Khan. Now, can anyone tell me the link between these two stories?
When a ‘system’ insists we remember one atrocity caused by totalitarianism, whilst at the same time using the tactics that lead to totalitarianism, we have got to wonder if we’re having our attention diverted.
MPs are the people who borrow our sovereignty to make our laws. Forty years ago a similar scandal erupted when a Labour government was spied on. We will tell if my above words are true if this episode just ‘disappears’ from view.

© Anthony North, February 2008

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