Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Haven’t been posting for a while because last Thursday there was a serious tech problem and, although I got an engineer the next working day, that was the following Tuesday, after Easter.
So, my civilization seemed to end for a while, and coupled with unseasonal snow throughout the holiday, it was kind of strange. And when the TV premiere of The Day After Tomorrow came on, I could sympathise.

I liked the film.

A typical disaster scenario story, but I liked the premise of an immediate ice age as the Gulf Stream switched off. Of course, it has been well and truly rubbished, but is the scenario feasible?
We don’t know. It’s as simple as that. And any scientist who tells you different is wrong. We have no past data to work on. We can say there is an unlikely probability, but not a definite ‘no’.

So, my Easter was analogous to the film.

I was caught with no internet civilization and lots of snow. But it was a typically British affair. After all, no internet wasn’t REALLY the end of civilization, and Brit snow isn’t a lot, really.
So I survived. It was no ‘ice age’ for me, but a subtle reminder that things do not always go on as we expect. Not really The Day After Tomorrow - more The Hour After Next.

© Anthony North, March 2008

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diamondsandrust said...

Glad we weren't the only ones with snow,but at least it seems there was something halfway decent to watch on your TV over Easter,which is more than can be said of ours. The internet was on a go slow too. But who knows maybe there were more Church goers because of it.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Diamondsandrust,
And I hope you had a good Easter. Sadly, though, I've noticed that the standard of TV in general declines the more channels there are.
My wife, Yvonne, did her duty and went to church. But then again, she is a practicing Christian.

One More Believer said...

hi anthony...great post...came by for yr 3ww link... this is the first year i went to a sunrise service in ages... it was good... then to the regular sunday service... that was good too... later socializing with friends who were trying to figure out where easter came from... they spoke of fertility and pagen holidays... i thought i'd throw in the resurrection for good measure and they all looked at me with question marks written in their eyes... it was an interesting day and evening full of surprises.. no snow.. tho lotsa rain..

anthonynorth said...

Hi one more believer,
Sounds like an interesting day. Yes, the Resurrection just isn't hip any more :-)

Alex Cull said...

Hi Anthony, I find The Day After Tomorrow certainly an enjoyable film, but not without its annoyances! Firstly, why didn't the kids in the library burn chairs and tables, instead of Nietzsche? Also, if these kids had the gumption to stay alive, why didn't those blokes up in the weather station in Scotland do the same? Hmmm...

anthonynorth said...

Hi Alex,
Clumsily done, but I would use similar devices in my fiction.
It's all in the metaphor - the end of civilisation through no books, yet ... one of them hid the Bible, THAT wouldn't burn, so we'd be saved!
As for those in Scotland? A cross between 'shoot the messenger' and the 'sacrificial lamb'. Oh! And Holloywood's love of killing off Brit actors :-)