Saturday, 1 March 2008


If there is one politician I do not like, it is George Galloway. I distrust him, I hate his politics, I believe he has put British soldiers’ lives in increased danger, and if he ever had any real power, I think I’d leave the UK.
That said, he does, occasionally, say something so blatantly obvious that I pay attention. And he did so on the last Question Time (BBC1). It concerned the DNA database, and conversations he’d had with some people.
The crux of the matter is, some criminals seem to be now planting DNA from others to pollute a crime scene. Indeed, it is so obvious a counter-measure that I’m amazed I’ve not thought of it before.
The ‘science’ of DNA fingerprinting may well be excellent. But it can have no control over issues like this. Can we still trust DNA evidence as absolutely as we think?

© Anthony North, March 2008

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