Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The Tories are into a new Green idea. What is needed is a Green Environmental Market. I’m not sure why it has to be green in colour, though. However, if done properly, this could be a good idea.
Offering capital and opportunities for green technology companies, it would give them a boost. And as regular readers may know, I’m all for sensible green tech, and the rise of a new breed of smaller entrepreneur.
Real eco-measures cannot be taken by Big Biz, as they require big systems to survive, such as oil and other fossil fuels, and the huge back-up involved. In this ‘bigness’, they hold power. All ‘big system’ tech is therefore bad for the environment.
But it is also bad for smaller businesses, as Big Biz doesn’t allow them into their big systems. A boost from organizations such as proposed is what is needed. As long as they don’t make a hash of it. As long as they get in. As long as they don’t forget.

© Anthony North, March 2008

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