Saturday, 8 March 2008


A Station Commander at an RAF base has banned personnel from leaving the base in uniform following abuse by the public. It seems the ‘public’ do not like UK forces because of their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I don’t believe that. I believe a minority of people feel this way, but most are proud of their armed forces, and the magnificent job they do. As to those who hate them, their hate is misplaced.
I feel Afghanistan is an ugly necessity, whereas Iraq is a terrible mistake. But it is not the armed forces who are responsible for this. It is politicians who send them. So is it the politicians they should be hating?
Partly. But also those politically apathetic who don’t realize that it is the electorate – the public – who are responsible for the politicians we get. And what’s the betting those who abuse our troops will find the real culprit in the mirror?

(c) Anthony North, March 2008

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