Tuesday, 18 March 2008


According to a new report ill health costs the British economy some £100billion a year – roughly the same as the cost of the NHS. And what is the answer to this phenomenon? Change the sick note to a ‘what I can do’ note.
The problem with this is that it accepts that the problem lies with those who are ill, and not the society we have to live in today. You know, the society geared to Big Biz serfdom, where everything is slaved to the great God Profit.
It has trashed community, left us with a ‘me’ society, caused rampant criminality, devastated the environment, and provided far too much to do, with not enough hours to do it. So is there any wonder people get ill and cannot cope?
There is only one sick note needed. And I issue it to the crazy system we live under today.

© Anthony North, March 2008

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