Sunday, 30 March 2008



She lies there, waiting,

in my heart;

she lies there, expectantly,

for me to remember;

she was here once, fully,

in my life,

giving joy, giving love, giving


but she lies there, waiting,

as she laid there once,

for another;

a silly mistake, a stupid impulse, for another;

she lies there, waiting,

as I remember my jealous rage;

she lies there, the earth upon her,

and I stand here, waiting,

as she opens her eyes


It all began with fin de siecle,

it affected our minds, made them fickle;

The world was heading for a war,

peace of mind would be no more;

One man realised we had a void,

his name was Dr Sigmund Freud;

He invented the unconscious, for us to dream,

of the most ridiculous, fearful scheme;

Picasso came along, with nightmares on canvas,

rich in imagery, and oh! so rancous;

Together, they ripped meaning to shreds,

allowing riotous thoughts inside our heads;

Postmodernism was the result of that,

pulling rabbits out of a hat;

Thoughts and ideas were no longer real,

dependent upon whatever ideas prevail,

in a world that was

from then on



'Aye, noo, can thee tell me lass,

can thee clean, is wha' I ask'

'Aye,' she says, 'I'can de that,

an beat an sweep any ole mat'

'an can thee cook, ar's askin' noo?'

‘Aye, a’can cook tatties and scraps and mek a good stew.’

'An can thee do't weshin, is what a' mean?'

‘Well, aye; gimme’t watter a’can scrub tha' weshin clean.’

‘Well promise me yan thing a'fore 'itchin up.

If thee iver leaves me, mak sure

thee’s dun’t

weshin up.’


I want it, I need it, I must have it now!

To my desires, I must bow;

to crave, to demand, can seem so horrid,

descending to naught but the torrid;

But times do come when you must give in,

even though it may be a sin;

To have such passion makes my heart ache,

but finally I grasp out

and snatch

that damned cream cake!

(c) Anthony North, March 2008

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forgetfulone said...

I really liked the Yorkshire Proposal! Very good poems, one and all.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Forgetfulone,
Many thanks. Glad you enjoyed them :-)

Travis said...

That last one made me LOL, as I am a well known CAKE field!

Thanks for stopping by my place today. Happy Monday!

anthonynorth said...

Hi Travis,
That one really hit the mark, even when I put it on Beyond the Blog. Made me hungry, though :-)

sarah in disturbia said...

love your poems . .

anthonynorth said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for that. You'll find loads more, plus stories and essays, on Beyond the Blog, accessed top of sidebar.