Sunday, 9 March 2008



I stare at an image and wonder, what is this?

Is it an elephant, or maybe a fish?

Is it a plane, or maybe a dish?

Some images are defined, some are not,

some require your mind, to interpet the lot.

I stare at an image and wonder,

Is it a fractal?

Is it designed, or simply a mess?

I stare at an image, and sometimes it is the mind,

that places meaning upon it.

Sometimes it is the mind, that creates the reality we see.

I stare at an image and wonder,

is it a stain, or is it a country.

I stare at an image and, yes?

It is a stain.

It is a country.

So many countries,


ARE stains


We have a mouth that says a lot,

sometimes we listen, sometimes not;

Often we say things in vain,

usually before engaging brain;

Words are our most important tool,

they define between the wise and a fool;

But words so often mean nothing at all,

yet often it is these we recall;

soundbites, we call them, and believe, alas;

It makes you wonder who's really the ass

(c) Anthony North, March 2008

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