Thursday, 27 March 2008


French President Nicolas Sarkozy is certainly making the headlines during his State visit to Britain. Flanked by his ex-model wife, he has, however, toned himself down in an attempt to look more like a Statesman.
His thanks to the UK for coming to France’s aid so often went down well, but his almost ‘hero worship’ of the UK economy will not go down well in France. The French always have done - and always will do - things their own way.
This is not a criticism. They are in the world, but also still aware of their individual culture. It is this attitude that many other countries should recreate, including the British themselves.
Mindst you, it is the only thing they could teach us.

© Anthony North, March 2008

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MsRose said...

I agree...Each country should stick to their ways...Why not? It worked for centuries! :)

Great site!! I like it:) PSST:I'm adding your blog to one of mine: it is new..but growing:)

Have a great day!! MsRose

anthonynorth said...

Hi MsRose,
Thanks for that. Yes, so few western countries now revel in their culture. Globalisation is sweeping away diversity, leaving a terrible sameness that we will eventually regret.

MsRose said...

It is a shame. I only hope my kids can embrace what diversity will be available in the coming years.