Wednesday, 23 April 2008


So Hillary Clinton does it again, winning Pennsylvania by around 10% - just exactly the amount the pundits said she had to win by to stay in the race. Has there ever been a closer contest than this?
Looking on the road to the White House from the UK, I’ve been pleasantly delighted that I’ve judged the race correctly all along, even predicting the rise of McCain when everyone else said he didn’t have a chance.
So what’s my advice to the Democrats? Be very careful how you go from here. With the Republicans almost certainly going to offer a ‘fluffy’ candidate, and the Democrats split right down the middle, the Republicans may not be finished yet.

© Anthony North, April 2008

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Twilight said...

Senator Clinton is one tough, smart lady. I'm not feeling 100% confident about the outcome from here on though.

To avoid giving McCain a victory in November the Democrats really need both candidates on the ticket. Any other outcome could lose a lot of Democratic voters, so passionate about their choice of candidate are they. Even if they didn't vote for McCain out of spite, in the event of their candidate losing, they'd likely stay at home on voting day. This applies both to Obama's followers many of whom are young, first-timers, and Clinton's female base who are "mad as hell" about the misogyny and media bias we've seen here.

My husband says these are empty threats, but I'm not so sure.

You're right, McCain cannot be counted out, even after 8 awful years under Republican rule, we may still face 4 more.

Interesting times!

anthonynorth said...

Hi Twilight,
Those threats are no doubt real. We've had terrible NuLabour in the UK since 1997, not because people like them, but they can't bring themselves to vote Conservative.
It DOES happen.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not to worry Anthony. McCain may claim he's a republician, but really he's just another democrat. So, even if he ended up in the white house it won't matter. Oh, I can't stand Hillary. She scares me. Bill Clinton is one thing, she is quite another. She hasn't told the truth in her entire life. Just saying. Have a great day. :)

anthonynorth said...

Hi Sandee,
I share your concerns about Clinton, I must admit. As for McCain, yes, you may be right, but as is so often the case with a 'fluffy' candidate, there are extremist puppetmasters in the wings. Eventually, they take over ...

the teach said...

Well, Anthony, I'll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination... But I'd like to see Obama win. I'm glad you liked my TT13 on Abelard and Heloise. You said you've written about them you have a link for that post?

anthonynorth said...

Hi The Teach,
Obviously, I'm just looking in from the UK. Personally, I don't like political parties at all, and prefer independents, but it's time the Republicans took a holiday, me thinks :-)
I wrote about Abelard and Heloise years ago, before I came on-line, in an unpublished book on philosophy. Hence, there's no link. I may post extracts from it eventually.