Saturday, 5 April 2008


What can I say about Naomi Campbell? She’s been at it again, assaulting a police officer at Heathrow. She seems to have a knack for assault, involving everything from language, spitting to instant text messaging by head.
But I don’t really expect much better behaviour, I’m afraid. Her light now on the wane, she is one of those totally untalented celebrities who have to find something good about themselves, and this usually comes with an absolute form of self-esteem.
A woman who happened to be born with the right face, and an ability to walk correctly, every other area of ‘celebrity’ she tried confirmed her lack of talent, as it does with most of these pointless stars. The sooner we realize this and stop pandering to these over-rated distractions, the better.

© Anthony North, April 2008


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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm with you on this Anthony. I don't watch television anymore because of the terrible behavior of most of these so-called celebs. The rules just don't apply to them. Have a great day. :)

anthonynorth said...

Hi Sandee,
I can just put up with a celebrity who's achieved excellence, which is what celebritydom was all about. But nowadays?
Few can say that.

sarah in disturbia said...

I agree with you . . but she is just one of many; its hard for me to single her out.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Sarah,
She is indeed, but I've done so because she's in the UK news at the moment for her infamous temper.

Julie said...

And now we have an icon who was also a good man (I think) pass on. Mr. sad.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Julie,
Yes, sad news. He was, in life, I think too right wing for my tastes, but I grew up with his excellent acting.
I have no problem with celebrities who deserve their status. It's the 'pretenders' I scorn. He will be missed.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

she is quite the piece of work!

smiles, bee

anthonynorth said...

Hi Empress Bee,
Indeed. Thanks for the comment.