Thursday, 3 April 2008


There is a typical anti-eco campaign gathering steam with another expert claiming that eating organic fruit and veg has no advantages for health or diet over food produced in other ways. Well, what can I say except this is quite true.
So why do these announcements annoy me? Simple. They are total red herrings. No one who has looked into it can think there is an advantage. But this is not the reason why organic is better.
The reason is that organic is less polluting and therefore better for the environment. And it is a sickening deception that this is being buried below a new message that it is of no benefit. The food industry is obviously worried about its success.

© Anthony North, April 2008


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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Exactly, it's better for the environment. I can't answer your question either. I think everything revolves around greed. Have a great day. :)

anthonynorth said...

Hi Sandee,
You can guarantee that Big Biz only ever do anything for the environment as long as it doesn't affect their profit.
Once something does, forget it! And a cynical campaign begins to destroy it.

Laura said...

Not sure who she is. First I was thinking Neve Campbell but remembered she isn't Naomi but Neve.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Laura,
Naomi Campbell is a top UK supermodel

WriterKat said...

I just don't get why these big corporations don't join the eco-wagon - it seems to me that it would be a fresh new line for them all. This fear and use of the media is disgusting especially when we all know that organic, recycling, better fuel, etc is so important for us.

anthonynorth said...

Hi WriterKat,
I see it like this. Big Biz needs 'big systems' that smaller firms cannot afford to run in order to maintain their power over the economy. Fossil fuels require such big systems.
The new tech that is needed for a green world does not require big systems, hence giving smaller companies an advantage.
In effect, green would mean the eventual death of Big Biz. It therefore becomes a power struggle to keep green out.