Saturday, 1 August 2009


BRIT NEWS: The Home Secretary has been asked whether Al Qaeda sympathizers could have infiltrated MI5. Such a possibility will cause the obvious shock and horror, especially when I’d say it is inevitable. Such organizations cannot possibly be as secure as we would like, and throughout the history of spying, the Mole has been a regular visitor. Don’t people remember the Cold War, the double agents such as the Burgess, Philby, etc? So if we’re told there are no ‘sympathisers’, I’d advice them to look again.

(c) Anthony North, August 2009



Reader Wil said...

Do we need spies? Apparently yes, but it's a terrible idea that Al Qaeda should know all our moves. I really fear Al Qaeda more than anything else.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Reader Wil,
I think spies are a necessary evil, although they often fuel problems in themselves by simply existing. It makes people more susupicious of an enemy, thus fuelling the idea of war.
As to Al Qaeda, yes they're a definite and on-going danger.