Saturday, 1 August 2009


BRIT NEWS: Sir Bobby Robson has died. I never agreed with all he did for football. One of the first to buy foreign players for his team, in my view it was the game’s death. A team that carries a city’s name, but has few players from there is a fraud. And the massive increase in pay and spin-offs turned the game into a business. This said, his career as a football manager held disappointments and marvelous victories in a rollercoaster ride that kept the nation enthralled. And he was also a true gentleman – rare in the business of football. For this he will be sadly missed.

(c) Anthony North, August 2009



Reader Wil said...

I don't know anything about football at all! Sorry! Anyway thanks for your visit and kind comment. Have a great week! BTW I am not a great gardener myself, but there is one who does my garden twice a year and for the rest I do the weeding and watering.

anthonynorth said...

Hi Reader Wil,
I don't know much about football either - about as much as I know about gardening :-)